General VA Services

Business Forms/Data Entry
1. Document Design
2. Spreadsheet Design
1. Invoicing
2. Data Management
E-Mail Management
1. Following up on customers by email
2. Email Campaigns
3. Responding to customer emails
4. Sending announcement, reminder emails
Scheduling & Calendar Management
1. Appointment Scheduling
2. Setting up reminders for appointments and important events
3. Making reservations
Customer Service and Support
1. Taking care of customer inquiries or complaints via email
2. Handling customer issues
Reminder Services
1. Appointment reminders
2. Events and Special Occasions
Creating and Maintaining Mailing Lists
1. Compile current and prospective customers
2. Create opt-in or sign-up forms
3. Clear bounced emails
4. Create re-engagement emails
Online Research
1. Market Research
2. Competitor Research
Travel Planning/International and Domestic
1. Flight Reservation
2. Transportation Arrangements
3. Hotel Accommodations
Gift Service
1. Research gifts
2. Make suggestions
3. Purchase gifts

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