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Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Sailing into the new waters of entrepreneurship can be a stressful time for anyone, and even more so for the younger generations who, though equipped with great ideas and perseverance, often lack life experience and management skills to make the entrepreneurship journey a smooth sail. In our attempt to help […]


What is your why?

Happy New Year! I can not believe it is already 2017. There has been a lot of reflection thinking here for the past few weeks, which got me in the mood to write about the business and the entrepreneurship on a larger scale. I’ve read so many great books for […]

team work

Creating a successful work environment

The backbone of every business, regardless of how small or big it is, has to be the employees, people, who often spend more than 8 hours of every day, working to get the company be where it is.  Hence why, it is important to keep them happy and satisfied. The […]

Management Planning

Management Planning 

Successful businesses are not the result of dumb luck. Rather their success has come because of the carefully planned processes, which took the time to develop. As a business owner or a team manager, you should know the importance of management planning, i.e. the assessment of the company’s goals as […]

leadership traits

Leadership Traits 

 When looking at the leaders of the world, one cannot help but wonder is it only what they have achieved that impresses us, or is it something deeper.  I can’t help but think that it is the latter. Achievements are great. They are a sign of deliberately planned and effectively […]


Successful Implementation- What it entails and how to execute?

 Studies conducted by the Fortune magazine in 1999 and the Times 1000 in 2001 have come to the same conclusion that some companies fail to achieve success, not because of the lack of strategies and plans, but because of a poor execution of the provided management plan. The studies have […]


Happy Valentine’s Day!

May your day be filled with love, laughter and lots of hugs and kisses. 

content marketing

Content Marketing

 Good content alone is no longer enough to guarantee high engagement or increased traffic. Even a well-written, informative and engaging text might not change your traffic or number of leads, simply because you have forgotten a major part of the process: strategic content marketing. The first and most important aspect […]

vision statement

The importance of your Vision Statement

Looking at all the successful companies out there, one cannot help but wonder what has made them so successful.  Is it the people working there, highly talented individuals ready to give their all for the company?  The managing staff, leaders who are capable of motivating and inspiring?  Or the working […]


3 Success Habits of Highly Productive People

New Year, New Adventures, New Motivations and New Goals.  When reading a list of the most successful people, you can’t help but notice that they don’t have anything in common; they have a different upbringing, birthplace, education and after all they are successful in different fields.  It seems that there’s […]


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