Leadership Traits 

leadership traits
 When looking at the leaders of the world, one cannot help but wonder is it only what they have achieved that impresses us, or is it something deeper.  I can’t help but think that it is the latter. Achievements are great. They are a sign of deliberately planned and effectively executed intentions, but they are not actually what make a leader great. What makes a leader truly great is a “bundle” of qualities that, despite what many of you might think, are not inherited traits. They are honed skills, wielded by anyone with practice. Here is a list of what this “bundle” precisely entails.
Leadership means having a deep understanding of people’s needs and respecting their desires.  It is only when people feel fully understood and appreciated that respect and a true relationship can be built.


Almost every leader has an insatiable curiosity to know as many things as possible, not just in their field, but in their life as well.  Leadership means knowing that there is no limit to a person’s knowledge and that continuous learning is just a habit, executed daily to improve both the leaders and the people around them.


Many people associate leadership with control. However, this is far from the truth. Great leaders know that complete control of every little detail and every employee is impossible.  They do not see themselves as controllers, waiting for people to make mistakes, but rather they see themselves as guides ready to help and provide support if the crises occur.


One of the core characteristics of the leadership is also optimism, the ability to see a glass as half-full and inspire the same opinion within a team. Keeping a team motivated is valuable to achieving success.