Creating a successful work environment

team work

The backbone of every business, regardless of how small or big it is, has to be the employees, people, who often spend more than 8 hours of every day, working to get the company be where it is.  Hence why, it is important to keep them happy and satisfied. The studies conducted on the US employees have shown that almost two-thirds of all employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and work environment, which is why they spend most of their working hours doing a bare minimum. If happy employees mean engaged employees, which translates into the fast progress of the company, why don’t companies, managers and leaders do something about it? Here are a couple of tips on how to make the employees happy again.


Most managers associate employee engagement with salaries, benefits and vacation, but this is not always the case. Though the amount of salaries, the length of vacation and the benefits do play some role in employee engagement, they are not the key to keeping the employees happy and motivated. Most of the disengaged employees felt underappreciated and undervalued simply because they have been deprived of the feeling that what they do matter. In all the hurry to get the project done, managers and leaders often forget to show appreciation towards their employees. A simple good job, well done and you made a difference, will make many employees happy, and in turn, ready to go beyond their 9-5 work obligations.


Every leader and manager know just how important clear and precise communication between the employees is when it comes to working on a particular project. But what some of them do not realize is that this communication is a two-way street, with both talking and listening being equally important. Far more that big salaries and long vacation, the employees wish to be heard, not just instructed. Having an open-door policy is what the employees will value most, as it will make working that much easier, more enjoyable and in the long run much more efficient.