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As long as you are doing what you love, it will love you back. It will reflect in your business, and your personal life. Roads are sometimes hard and bumpy, but if you want it bad enough, you will find smooth pastures for this wonderful ride we call Entrepreneurship.

Ajla Kamber

Optimal Business Services spawned from seeing a need to help our fellow Entrepreneurs get their passion from an idea to a successful business. We provide virtual business management services such as virtual administrative services, team and project management, website maintenance, and event planning, just to name a few. Our goal is to assist Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by managing the tasks and responsibilities that sometimes overwhelm and prevent them from reaching the dreams that they had in the beginning, allowing them to focus on the big picture.

Are you struggling to find the right documents for your start-up business or trying to execute and implement ideas in your existing business? Are you running short on time, but the work keeps piling up?
Does all of this sound very “salesy”?
Possibly, but it’s also the very truth how your day as an Entrepreneur and a Small Business Owner might be like.
I get it!
As a serial Entrepreneur, I’ve been there and through it all myself. I’ve been through the frustrations of searching for the right business documents, frantically trying to respond to all of the emails coming in, scheduling calls, designing a website, and developing a team. It all started to feel a bit claustrophobic.
There were days where I wanted to throw in the towel and take a nap!
As I was learning all that I could about starting and running a successful business for the past decade, I also developed a passion: to help others feel a little bit less stressed, and a little bit more productive. Through hard work and dedication in my own business, as well as in several administrative roles in the corporate environment, I have earned a reputation as a go-getter and a catalyst for change.

This is how Optimal Business Services was born.

What sets us apart?
The truth is, you have many options out there to select from. There are many talented individuals who can manage your business, so why us?

Here are the 5 reasons on why you should book your FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your business needs with us:

1. Experience
Over a decade of experience managing and implementing business procedures on various levels.
2. Team Players
Key team players are crucial to your business and growth, and we know first-hand the importance of having the right people on your team.
3. Dedication
We will be passionate about your business just as much as you, if not more.
4. Get-It-Done Kind of Attitude
No wasting time, no putting things off, no excuses: we get things done!
5. Support

We will be the right-hand support in all of your business endeavors. From building the team to implementation and managing, every step of the way, every time.

obs team

 The right Team by your side can escalate your business to the next level, and Optimal Business Services IS the right team.