3 Success Habits of Highly Productive People

New Year, New Adventures, New Motivations and New Goals. 
When reading a list of the most successful people, you can’t help but notice that they don’t have anything in common; they have a different upbringing, birthplace, education and after all they are successful in different fields.  It seems that there’s no common trait that brings together all of them.  Or is there?  A recent study has shown that most of these seemingly different successful people do have something in common, the acquired habits listed below.

Get up EARLY

How early is early?  Well, for the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Frank LLoyd Wright and Robert Iger, early comes between 4 and 4:30 AM.  What these highly successful people have realized is that there is after all an extra hour in a 24-hour day.  You just have to get to it.  Studies have shown that most people are at their peak level of energy as they start the morning; this is why an extra hour or two really comes in handy, especially when it comes to doing the tasks planned for the upcoming day.  It also must be said that getting up an hour earlier means getting to bed an hourly earlier too.  A full night sleep is crucial for a successful day.

Exercise Daily

Exercising daily is a habit to success that not only keeps a body in good health, but it also helps lower the work-induced stress level and sharpens a person’s focus.  Most efficient people take exercising seriously, doing it religiously every day and, more often than not, doing it in the morning.

Beginning with the End

Another great success habit, which the likes of Stephen Covey swear by, is to always plan with the end in mind.  What this essentially means is to start with what you want to accomplish.  The second stage is thinking about the ways you can accomplish it.  And the final stage entails the very action of doing it.  This not only applies to business, but to your personal life as well.