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Virtual Assistant Services

You have 45 tasks on your to-do list and about 2 hours to complete them all. There are at least 25 emails waiting on your response and you haven't even had a cup of coffee yet. If this sounds familiar, we are here to help! Being productive is crucial for your business, and doing it all by yourself interferes with that. We have the perfect solution. Let us take over and do what we do best, so you can go back doing what you do best. Working ON your business, not IN your business.

Getting Things Done

Specialty Services

Do you have a great team, but find yourself without a lot of time to manage them? What about those projects that keep pilling up and you didn’t even took a look at them? Organization is an important part of your business, and it goes hand in hand with your productivity. Let us free up your time with one of our Specialty Packages, so that you can concentrate on doing what you love to do. Setting up the right systems and automation will get you on the road to success.

Rowing In The Same Direction

À La Carte Services

Do you need help for just one hour this week? Maybe you have an event coming up and you just need someone to post the news on the event sites? Or you just need someone to keep your website up to date and secure. What about making sure your Social Media account is engaged with your audience? To strategize and plan your growth, you need to focus. We will provide you with the services that will suit your needs at the time when you need them. You can choose as little or as much help that you want.

Help When You Need It

The Time Is Now

 As an Entrepreneur and a Small Business owner, how many tasks do you have on your plate right now?
Go ahead, we'll wait while you count.
It's more than you actually have the time to do on your own, right?

Are you spending your valuable time and energy trying to complete each one of those tasks by yourself?

Do you have trouble delegating tasks because you think they might not be completed on time or as well as you would complete them?

We understand these questions and we have the answers.  Head on over to our Benefits and FAQs page where we answer some of the common questions about hiring a Virtual Assistant, along with the great benefits you will receive once you do hire one.

We work with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners that are in need of help and assistance before they become burned out and lose the sight of their passion.

It's time that you let go of your fears, and it's time to start delegating.

We are all about you.

Our goal is to assist business owners by managing the responsibilities and tasks that sometimes overwhelm and prevent them from reaching the dreams that they had in the beginning, as well as nurturing the reason they started their business to begin with, by allowing them to focus on the big picture.

Client Love

“My name is Frankesha El-Amin, and I am so grateful for Mrs. Ajla. I have a jewelry accessory business, and was becoming quite frustrated due to my lack of a good functioning website. Mrs. Ajla took my vision, and turned it into something beautiful. I now have a fully functional website that I am quite proud of. Thank you Mrs. Ajla for everything you’ve done for me, you saved my business!”
Frankesha El-Amin
Founder and CEO
Divine Inspiration Accessory

Frankesha El-Amin

Founder and CEO

“Ajla has proven her abilities time and again in efficient and professional manner, completing projects on time and always asking what else is needed to make the project successful. She handles projects with ease, and efficiency, returning a completed product that exceeded my expectations.”
Loren Johnson

Loren Johnson

Sales Director

“Hiring Ajla as my Social Media Manager was a wonderful decision for my business. Her master skills in Web Designing, Social Media Management and SEO moved my business into a different level of web presence. What’s more important it opens up a lot of my time to work on other aspects of my business! I highly recommend Ajla for any business owners.”
Karolina LaBrecque, PhD.
Autism Coaching Academy

Karolina LaBrecque, PhD.

Autism Coach, Writer and Speaker

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Book your FREE consultation today, we promise it will be painless.